Join us!

128-bit is looking for collaborators!

Do you like art, pop culture and / or technology? Are the values of the libertarian left close to you? If yes, are you also inclined to more modern and experimental aesthetics, and in technology to free software and open technologies? Do you want to write about it? And we would love to read it! 🙂

Do not hesitate to contact us with your critiques, reviews, essays, reports, etc. for publication on 128-bit.

128-bit is looking for artists!

Do you write? Do you play music? Do you draw or paint? Do you take photos? Do you make film or video? Do you develop concepts and situations? Do you develop computer games? While doing it, do you have affinity for experimentation and research of the medium? Are you trying to modernize the expression through all its aspects, including content, form, and style? That’s what we are looking for! =:-)

Artists of all art forms can submit their works either for review or for publication on the pages of the 128-bit web site.

Currently accepted languages: English, Croatian (and BCMS in general), Italian, Slovene
The list of accepted languages is subject to change, according to the composition of the editorial board.

Contact us via fra128b at autistici dot org.