Is Atari Teenage Riot Still an Anarchist Band?

Or do they have laissez-faire sympathies now?

Adrenaline coverLast week I have ordered a German pressing of 60 Second Wipe Out double LP vinyl from abroad. I love that album from 1999. Along with The Future of War from 1997 it is, in my opinion, one of Atari Teenage Riot’s (ATR) best two, and for me it is really hard to decide which one of the two is better. When I confirmed my order in the morning, I couldn’t imagine that in the afternoon of that same day ATR would release a new single, “Adrenaline”, announcing an upcoming new album. Cool, I thought at first, but then I have read the announcement for the single: Continue reading

Brexit started in the 80’s: an interview with J from PSB

[daj hrvatski]

From the miners strike of 1984 to Brexit, the latter is largely the result of savage dismantling of industries and a decades-long neglect of local communities. We interviewed J. Willgoose, Esq. of Public Service Broadcasting

By Franko Burolo

Public Service BroadcastingTuesday 14 November 2017 Tvornica kulture in Zagreb, Croatia hosted the British band Public Service Broadcasting. The full hall at Tvornica shows that this young band already has a significant number of fans even in Zagreb, and of various age groups. Before the show, and just after the sound check, while nobody was there yet at the Tvornica club, except for the bands and the staff (a local band called Nellcote opened the show), I’ve had the chance to talk to the founder of PSB — J. Willgoose, Esq. about shutting down of industries and Wales, about the great miners strike of 1984-85 in the UK and its influence on the current situation in the UK and on “Brexit”, about singing, about the Manics, and many other topics regarding the latest PSB album – Every Valley, about which we have also already written (in Croatian language), and which they were promoting to the Croatian audience at the Tvornica club in Zagreb. Continue reading